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3 Powerful Ways these Women Leaders are Inspiring Success

I experienced an Aha! moment this week during a discussion I led in the WomanUP! community.

The conversation centered around business planning with a specific interest in innovation, time management, and diversification.

Three female leaders in the real estate industry participated; Kate Reisinger, EVP Member Services, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World; Melissa Sofia, Founder and Broker, The Avenue Home Collective; and Cherika Johnson, Founder, and Owner of Johnson Realty.

These women are well-known and respected within the industry for their work ethic, tenacity, and innovative thinking, and each has an incredible track record of success.

As we began our discussion, my Aha! moment came when I realized these women inspire success within their organizations through a very different lens, the female lens. They lead with empathy and promote collaboration, connection, openness, and inclusion.

“COVID allowed us to be human in the corporate sector.” Kate Reisinger

They’re leading business planning processes by looking at the entire landscape, not just the business aspect. They intuitively know that their teams’ well-being directly affects achieving goals and their success.

Here are three ways they are inspiring success:

  1. Take a holistic approach to business planning. When Melissa Sofia sets her goals, she isn’t limiting them to her business. She sets goals across all aspects of her life like parenting, relationships, and “soul-care,” or self-care as many call it.

  2. Create stronger connections with staff. Kate Reisinger prioritized communication among her team during the pandemic, and it forged stronger relationships. According to Kate, “COVID allowed us to be human in the corporate sector.”

  3. Start with authenticity. Cherika Johnson works every day to attract a diverse team of agents and serve diverse clients. She believes acting authentically in your personal and business environments attracts people who want to work with you. According to Cherika, this often requires you to step outside your comfort zone. “Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.”

“Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.” Cherika Johnson

By utilizing this approach, these women were also able to lead their teams through significant ambiguity during the COVID pandemic and set the stage for the next moment of uncertainty.

More and more women are inspiring success and impacting achieving goals in organizations across all industries. I imagine a time when women are, as RBG said, “in all places where decisions are being made.”

You can watch the full chat here.

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  8. BONUS: Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, Enjoy this from Michael Gorgone, Musical Director at Noyes School.


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