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4 Key Strategies to Build the Know-Like-Trust Factor

Last week I co-hosted my first Clubhouse room with my friend and colleague, Betti Russo. It’s a brand new weekly show called, Building the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST Factor for real estate.

Betti and I are big believers that when you build authentic relationships where people know, like, and trust you, you’ll achieve success and happiness in business and life. In these weekly discussions, we collaborate on all the ways to gain the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor.

I began the conversation by sharing these four key strategies:

  1. Be curious and Listen: Someone told me once a long time ago it’s better to be interested than interesting. I’ve always taken that to heart. You can gain so much by listening with curiosity. Every individual has a story and a special sauce that makes them unique. When you take the time to tune in, it’s a show of respect, and it builds strong quality relationships.

  2. Show up: Showing up is probably one of the most important things you can do to build trust. Showing up means being on time, being responsive, committing; don’t be wishy-washy. It’s essential to show up when you don’t want to or when it’s tough to do so. It shows the other person you care.

  3. Show you care: Treat your clients the same way you treat your friends. Check-in, follow-up, meet them for coffee or lunch. Authenticity is important. It has to come from your heart, not because you’re looking for something in return.

  4. Be kind and respectful: You never know what’s happening behind the scenes for someone. So the next time you get cut off in traffic or a client jumps down your throat for no apparent reason, try not to take it personally. Respond with kindness and respect. You never know what happened before their interaction with you.

Gaining the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor takes practice and a commitment, but I guarantee you’ll see positive outcomes in stronger relationships, happiness, and success in your work and life.

If you’re interested in joining the conversation, stop by our room in Clubhouse every Thursday at noon eastern. Not on Clubhouse? Let me know. I might have a few extra invites.

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Image by Yoss Cinematic from Pixabay


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