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Community. It’s My One Word in 2021

Gratitude was my word in 2020. One year ago, I could never have imagined how vital or appropriate gratitude would be for me this year.

2020 brought with it one challenge after another and another and another. I look back, and sometimes I can’t believe what we’ve been through, how we’ve persevered.

Like a marathon, there were peaks and valleys and plenty of physical and mental challenges. Most importantly, there was a community of supporters.

There were people on the side-lines, cheering, calling our names, and routing for each of us to finish the race.

There were volunteers at every stop replenishing us with water, making sure we had everything we needed to continue.

Then there were the runners alongside us, in front of us, and behind us, pacing us—each one motivating us with their own grit and perseverance.

Community – its power to give us strength and bind us together is my biggest take-away from 2020.

That is why community is my one word in 2021.

In 2021 I plan to create more meaningful communities, mentor, motivate, unite, nurture, and positively influence my communities and tell the stories of my communities. YES!

What is your one word in 2021? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment below.

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