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I accepted the #IamWomanUP challenge to Shine a Light on Carrie Edwards

I accepted the #IamWomanUP challenge to shine a light on a woman for whom I have great respect and admiration.

Today I'm honoring Carrie Edwards, my business partner.

Carrie and I have already experienced so much together in our short two years of being acquainted. I like to joke we had our "first date" at a local pizza shop in Arlington, MA, during the summer of 2021. Carrie had come to Leading Edge Real Estate to work with me. At that lunch and subsequent lunches, we realized we had so much more than our curly hair in common, most notably a complementary and powerful combination of skills. After one year, we set out to change the world - and here we are.

Carrie is as kind and generous as they come. IYKYK! She's the first to lend a hand to a friend in need. When a friend's child says she wants a tea party, Carrie makes it happen in the grandest of ways with tea cups, beautifully designed menus and name cards, and homemade goodies.

She's the kind of mom who finds the joy in daily life and celebrates it; green eggs and ham on Dr. Seuss' birthday? Yes, please. Gingerbread house-making party? It wouldn't be Christmas without it.

She loves music and art and has passed her passion on to her kids, who attend countless concerts and events each year with her and her husband.

She's resourceful as all heck! Painter, tile mason, vanity installer, you name it, she can do it.

Talented doesn't adequately describe her design skill. In her words, she has an eye for design. She knows exactly what to look for, is meticulous about every detail, and has a story behind every creation. It's incredible, and I get to peek inside her creative thinking every time we work on a new project.

I look forward to serving more clients, starting more conversations, having more strategy sessions, idea-storming, problem-solving, and experiencing more growth as we build our business and raise our children.

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