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Motherhood: It Takes a Village

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I’ve been thinking about mothers and mother figures.

When I became a mother at 41, I’d already seen most of my friends become mothers. Yet, as far as I could tell, they seamlessly managed parenting, work, relationships, and anything else happening in their lives. Sure, they hit bumps along the way, but they made it look pretty darn manageable for the most part.

I assumed I’d learned enough from them that I, too, would transition into parenting seamlessly. But boy, was I in for an awakening.

When I became a mother, everything changed. I realized I had no idea what I was doing and that there was no way I could do it all by myself.

I quickly learned to lean into the village of people around me for support; my mother, our neighbors, our babysitter, other mothers in our community, and friends for moral support when I felt overwhelmed or not good enough.

Flash forward to COVID and my cancer diagnosis. I needed my village more than ever. But, I also needed to expand my village to include women who could coach me through some of the new emotional and psychological issues that accompanied the situation.

Today I’m dedicating Mother’s Day to my village (and you know who you are). To all the beautiful and special women who’ve supported my family and me, especially during this last year, I’m forever grateful for your love, mentorship, and friendship.

May all of you who are mothers, step-mothers, godmothers, aunties, and women who care for others know how much you are loved and appreciated, and may each of you take a moment today to recognize the beauty and love within yourselves.

P.S. Here are 7 things that inspired me this week:

  1. It’s all coming back to me now.

  2. May the 4th be with you!

  3. Coming in September!  Can’t wait.

  4. This.  It’s one of those proud mama moments.

  5. This is pretty profound.  Read it then read it again and again.

  6. I love this company, my go-to for Mother’s Day.

  7. This drops this week. I CAN’T WAIT!

Photo by from Pexels


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