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On the Fifth Day of Gratitude…

I’m thankful for the experience of being a leader during a time of change and uncertainty.  

My company made a sudden pivot when it switched from its affiliation with a national brand to becoming an independent organization.   The change was unexpected and our leadership team was forced to make significant decisions regarding the future of the company.  

We were in crisis mode, and our company was at risk.  The experience was intense and highly stressful.  As a team of 7, we came together, stayed calm, strategized, and mobilized our team to execute.  

We successfully made the pivot with minimal loss.  It was the greatest example of teamwork and the most rewarding experience of my professional career. 

Come back tomorrow for Day 6! I hope to see you. Until then, I’d love to know something you’re grateful for this season.

Leave me a comment below.


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