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15 of the Best Pieces of Advice from Our Reader’s Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day and our amazing Moms, I’ve compiled 15 of the best pieces of advice from our reader’s Moms.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

Image of Amrita Nichols and her Mom.

“Never give up hope because sometimes that’s all you have.”

to Amrita Nichols from her Mom, Debjani Biswas

Image of Elaine McDonald and her Mom.

“When everyone goes to the right you go to the left.”

to Elaine McDonald from her Mom

Image of Greg George and his Mom

“Always stand up and greet people.”

to Greg George from his Mom, Peggy George

Image of Janis Fratus and her Mom.

“Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.”

to Janice Fratus and her Mom, Althea Stewart Fratus

“Stay hot for your man.”

to Janis Fratamico from her Mom, Barbara Fratamico

Image of Jennifer Houghtaling and her Mom

“Prima o poi, tutti i nodi vengono al pettine.”

Translated, sooner or later the knot comes to the comb. Essentially, Karma.

to Jennifer Houghtaling from her Mom, Lina D’Annunzio

Image of Joan Cooper and her Mom.

“Take typing class.”

to Joan Cooper from her Mom, Angeline

Image of Katie Lance and her Mom.

The best advice my mom ever gave me is the value of being nice to others. So often we go about our day to day and we many of us are oblivious to the world around us. My mom is one of the nicest people I know – she always goes out of her way to smile and chit chat with people at the grocery store, the airport, anywhere! Our family often jokes that she has something special about her because often – people will share so many things with her (who don’t even know her!!) But, it’s so true that in this day an age, a simple friendly smile can go a long way!

to Katie Lance from her Mom, Shelley Graham

“Being 5 minutes early is on time and being on time is late.”

to Katy Robinson from her Mom, Mary Granger

Image of Lauren Messinger with her Mom and 2 daughters.

“Stand tall and proud always. Head up. Shoulders back.”

I still check myself to this day!

to Lauren Messinger from her Mom, Anne Bresnahan

Image of Melissa Stolper with her Mom and 3 daughters.

“People who put you down are actually insecure people. They put you down to make themselves feel better about themself, not because there is anything wrong with you.”

to Melissa Stolper from her Mom, Corleen Garland

Image of Monika Sainsbury and her Mom

“Treat people like you would like to be treated.”

to Monika Sainsbury from her Mom, Madeleine

Image of Shari Solomon and her Mom

“There is always room for one more.”

to Shari Duckworth from her Mom, Rikki Solomon

Image of Susan Rudd and her Mom.

“Never go out of the house without your make-up on. You always need to look nice because you never know whom you will meet.”

to Susan Rudd from her Mom, Evelyn MacIntyre

Last but not least, my own Mom, Diane Carlo. She was always full of wisdom and advice that I always heard, but didn’t fully understand or take to heart until later in life.

Image of Christine George's Mom, Diane Carlo

“Always be true to yourself.”

This is one of my favorite photos of my Mom. We shop together once a year and share our favorite fishamajig sandwich at an old favorite, Friendly’s.

What’s the best advice your Mom gave you? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment below. If you enjoyed this post, I’d love it if you’d share it and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Feature photo courtesy of Jane Berger


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