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4 Survival Tips When You’re Stuck at Home

Well, it has officially been a full week of working and schooling from home.  We survived it but it was messy at times.

My husband, son and I are all living under the same roof, and with the exception of an occasional trip to the grocery store or a walk to get some fresh air, we’re essentially together, in the house, at all times.

There have certainly been moments of high tension as we figure out how to “dance” without stepping on each other’s toes.  

During these times, I had to remind myself that life is messy sometimes and that’s ok. Finding ways to keep things in perspective and know that this time will pass is really important.

Here are 4 survival tips to help when you’re stuck at home:

  1. Breathe.  When you find yourself in a place where all you want to do is scream, stop, take a deep breath and walk away for a few moments until you can calm down. 

  2. Be flexible.  Stress levels increase the most when one thing doesn’t turn out the way you planned.  This has definitely been the case in our house when we’re trying to manage conference calls with homeschooling….or our version of homeschooling.  I realized that flexibility is paramount in these situations.  When something doesn’t turn out exactly as you expect, let it go.  

  3. Laugh.  Good gawd, we could all use a little laughter right about now.  Try to bring levity to your interactions. A strong dose of Sebastian Maniscalco might help too.

  4. Be kind.  Kindness is SO important during this time.  Realize that we’re ALL going through this, and we’re all going through it together.  Body language and tone of voice can be the difference between constant arguments and misunderstandings and empathy and compassion.

  5. Be patient.  Patience is not my strong suit although becoming a Mom has certainly influenced sharpening that skill.  If you do nothing else, do your best to be patient with your family, friends, and colleagues.  Do this by slowing down, asking questions and meeting them where they are.

These are just a few things I noticed during our first full week at home.  I’m interested in what you’re doing.  Leave me a comment below, and as always, if you like this post, I’d love it if you are it with your world.

Image by tookapic from Pixabay


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