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The 8 Favorite Quotes from WomanUP! 2020

Last week I attended and was a presenter at the 2020 WomanUP! virtual event.  This was my second WomanUP! event, and alas it did not disappoint.

It wasn’t your average Zoom conference.  It was an all-out virtual experience inside WomanUP! world, complete with an auditorium, rooftop, expo center, and beach.  Well over 300 people attended, and each brought their best avatar.  After 3 days we were all pretty good at moving around, waving, cheering, and even dancing on and off stage.

At first, I was skeptical that the virtual world would be able to generate the same palpable energy and feeling of connectedness that I had experienced last year but it didn’t take long to feel that same level of excitement and positivity.

The major themes coming from the speakers centered around recognizing and leaning into our collective humanity, building one another up, cherishing this time to slow down, and embellishing it to re-ignite our creativity.

Here are my 8 favorite quotes from the event,

image of Tara-Nicholle Nelson

“Let this time crack you open.”

Tara-Nicholle Nelson

image of Leslie Appleton Young

“If you have a seat at the table, make room for someone else.”

Leslie Appleton-Young

“Value equals income.  This means, humanize your business.” and “Lead from a position of love.”

Tami Bonnell

“Make time to find the joy in every single day.”

Vanessa Bergmark

“Check your mind-set.  You must believe before you can achieve.”

Kendall Bonner

“Together we roar.”

Debra Trappen

“Meet people where they are.”

Eileen Oldroyd

“You have to have the darkness in order for the light to come.”

Heidi Jones

For more information about WomanUP!, check out their website.

If you attended, I’d love to know your favorite quote or best take-away.

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