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The Balance Feature: Courtney Carver on How to Be More with Less

Welcome to this month’s Balance Feature IN PERSON! The Balance Feature is now being brought to you in video.

Each month Believe in Balance features an individual or organization striving to make a difference in the lives of the communities and the people they serve.

Courtney Carver is the creator of the blog, Be More with Less and the minimalist fashion challenge Project 333. She’s also the best-selling author of the book Soulful Simplicity and the newly launched book Project 333 based on her minimalist challenge, Project 333.

After a devastating diagnosis in 2006, Courtney made the decision to declutter, let go and completely simplify her life. She found herself feeling happier, more liberated and healthier than she had ever felt before. Since then she’s helped thousands of people do the same through her blog and her books.

This week I spoke with Courtney about her diagnosis, her journey to simplicity and health, and how it has prepared her for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Settle in and enjoy. I think you’re really going to love her.


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