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The Balance Feature: Elisha Alcantara on Living and Leading Her Purpose Out Loud and with Transparen

Welcome to the Balance Feature!  Each month Believe in Balance features an individual or organization striving to make a difference in the lives of the communities and the people they serve.

This week I attended the WomanUP! conference in San Diego, a real estate conference built around a movement to elevate real estate leaders and those with dreams of becoming leaders.

I had the great privilege of leading a panel discussion of 3 powerful women who are leading with purpose.  

Over the next couple of months, Believe in Balance will feature each of these powerhouse women and share a little more about their purpose and how they’re leading and living it in their homes, their businesses and their communities.

Today, I’m excited to introduce Elisha Alcantara.  Elisha is a mom, wife of 2 beautiful children, real estate business owner, and Founder of the Encompass Life Foundation.  She has a contagious smile, the energy of the Energizer bunny, and she is bursting with positivity and vision.

Image of Elisha Alcantara and her family

Elisha with her husband, daughter and son

Meet Elisha Alcantara….

What does it mean to you to lead with purpose?

I believe it takes clarity to lead with purpose and to gain the clarity you have to be deeply connected with yourself. Once you have that connection, that true inner peace, and confidence, then you can lead with REAL purpose.

What are the top 3 qualities of a purpose-driven leader?

Clarity in mission, connection with oneself, meaning, living from the inside out rather than the outside in, and a broad perspective – an understanding that each person sees and feels differently based on their breadth of perspective and perception.

What is your purpose, how did you find it, and why is it important?

My purpose is to live out loud with full transparency. I found it when I realized that every single time I encountered a struggle, my willingness to find a silver-lining determined what happened next and what usually happened next was pretty incredible. So often, we live behind a veil because we are afraid of being judged, oftentimes by people we love or by ourselves. Shame, guilt, fear, self-doubt, and sadness is born from this place. It’s important to share the real deal; the embarrassing things I “should” have known, the failures, the losses, so people know they aren’t alone. 

In doing this, I’ve found an incredibly deep connection and self-confidence within myself. I know if people get REAL (recognize it, embrace it, align it, and live it),  they can live a happier, calmer, and more confident life no matter what they are secretly going through. 

I want to help countless people break free from their internal bondage and live in this state of feeling so grounded that nothing can knock them down.

How do you set the example in your organization? Can you give me some real examples?

Every time there is a moment of derailment, I sit back, get quiet and seek clarity. I know the answers are out there if I listen. 

Tell us about the work you do in your community and how it aligns with your values.

I created the Encompass Life Foundation.  The Foundation began as a desire to help others. I was homeless multiple times as a child and wanted to put single parents and their families in a position of empowerment. The Foundation is a vehicle to help provide housing and financial securities, coupled with opportunities to learn and grow. People helped me and their impact contributed to me being here today. I want to have that same impact on a young person.

What things do you do to ensure you’re living your purpose every day and especially that it is living within your organization?

I make sure I find joy and reciprocity with the people, events, and situations in my life. I also support my team to live from this place. I make sure they work towards eliminating things they don’t feel connected to and add more things they love. Consequently, we watch out for each other. It’s been pretty great.

How can our readers find you?

The best place to find me is here on Facebook.

How do you live and lead with purpose? I’d love to know. Leave a comment below.  

Of course, if you enjoyed this post, I’d love it if you’d share it with your world.

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