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Welcome to Believe in Balance! I’m Happy You’re Here

Welcome to my blog!! I’m crazy excited about it. Its something I’ve been thinking about and meditating on for some time now. I just didn’t know what it looked like or what shape it would take.

One night back in October, during one of many nights of insomnia, I had an incredible urge to write.  So much had been marinating at that point and it all seemed to be becoming clear in my mind so I felt the need to write it down.  Then, without hesitation, I got up and went to my couch, opened my laptop and began writing.  It was the perfect moment.  The night seemed especially dark, and at that moment it was dead silent.

While everyone slept, I was awake and my mind was clear.

In 20 minutes, my thoughts were on paper, and instead of dissecting and overanalyzing my work, I checked for spelling and grammar errors then posted on Facebook. As soon as I clicked “post”, I panicked! “What if no one reads it? Wait…What if they DO?” Within a few hours, I had 67 likes, 91 comments, and 2 shares. “WOW”, I thought, “It resonated”. It was in that moment that I realized, maybe there’s more within me. If I could touch that many in such a short time with my personal story, maybe it’s possible I can reach more, help more, do more. And so the journey began. I contemplated, shared my idea with a few friends, contemplated some more, secured a URL, talked to my husband, asked myself if I was good enough, downloaded Courtney Carver’s micro course, and then something amazing happened.

Debra Trappen challenged me and some others to come up with our “word” for 2019 and to expand with an acronym for each letter.

My word is RISE:

  1. RECLAIM your voice

  2. INSPIRE others

  3. SURRENDER control

  4. EMPOWER yourself and others.

It just flowed, no analysis, no editing, no question. I pictured myself with my arms wide open standing before a gorgeous sunrise, ready to embrace every piece of my word across every part of my life. And with that, I made a commitment to my blog and Believe in Balance was born.

It has been an incredible journey in self-empowerment,

being open to vulnerability, and taking action without the certainty of knowing what the outcome will be. My goal is to inspire you to do the same whether in your career or your personal life and to help you to feel empowered enough to go out and achieve everything you desire. My hope is to build a community where every woman can come and feel at home.

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash


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