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A Mindfulness Mantra for the New Year

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already noticed the rush since the New Year started. My mind has been buzzing with all the things I need to do, get started and, are you ready for this, get ahead of so I can slow down!

What? Really? Yes, really.

What’s interesting is that while I was aware it was happening, I wasn’t paying attention, until recently.

The rush, the push, became apparent at a recent yoga class. It was at least 100 degrees in the room packed with sweaty power yogis. The teacher was cuing the students to push for more, an extra push up in vinyasa, a set of mountain climbers before settling onto the floor.

I could hear the student’s teeth grinding, see their squinched faces and hear their grunts as they held their breath to push for more.

It was at that moment that I started to pay attention to my own rush and push and I decided to slow down, way down.

I laid back, placed my hands in prayer at my forehead and recited this mantra:

I pray for:

  1. Space to observe

  2. Space to notice

  3. Space to listen

  4. Space to serve

  5. Space to receive

I pray for stillness and the ability to move with intention, not force.

As you begin your year, whatever your goals or resolutions might be, I invite you to use this mantra, adjust it to make it comfortable for you or use an altogether different one.

Then use it to slow down and flow a little easier this year taking it one breath, one moment, one thing at a time.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


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