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The Yoga Teacher Feature -Top 6 Yoga Teachers in Greater Boston

My husband and I were talking about passions the other day and he asked me if I considered yoga my passion? Although I never considered it a passion, I guess it might qualify. I’ve described yoga as many things over the course of my 18-year practice; my workout, my spiritual connection, my meditation, my inner peace, but never my passion.

One thing is for sure,

yoga constantly reminds me that I am forever a student, forever on a path of learning and never perfecting. After 18 years of practicing and teaching yoga, I am stronger physically and mentally, but I have not reached perfection in any pose or enlightenment by any means. Instead, I use yoga as a tool to keep both my body and my mind flexible and open to new things.

Along the way, many teachers have influenced my practice and I thought I would share some of my personal favorites.  These women and men have had a significant impact on both my practice and my life, and if you live in or are ever visiting the Boston area, I would encourage you to seek them out.

Here are My Top 6 Teacher Picks in Greater Boston:

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Jacqui Bonwell – Jacqui’s not going to tie you in a knot. Instead, she’ll chant and pray and challenge you to dig deep into your heart, mind, and gut to clean out that which holds you back from joy. She’s the boss and with her thick Boston accent, she’ll go deep into your soul and even if you’ve never seen the sight of her, you’ll feel like she’s known and loved you your entire life. Jacqui teaches workshops all over Greater Boston and beyond.

yoga teacher, boston yoga teachers, yogaworks

Jené Rossi – Jené brings yoga to its most foundational space, keeping it real and accessible to everyone in her class.  Jené can pinpoint the most subtle shift in a pose and once tweaked, your practice is taken to an entirely new level.  Jené taught me how to perfect sun salutations and saw the strength in my body that I could not see. Her gentle healing energy will leave you feeling calm and confident.  Jené teaches at Yogaworks and is also a Reiki Master.

yoga teacher, boston yoga teachers, Shanti yoga

Jennifer Houghtaling – She’s unfiltered and unapologetic about it but she’ll get you to that place where you feel validated, open and peaceful. Her classes are physically challenging. I’d call them athletic but she also works at a rhythmic pace that leaves you feeling like you have the strength to accomplish anything. Jen is the founder and owner of Shanti Yoga in Hopkinton, MA.

yoga teacher, boston yoga teachers, reiki master

Alex Amorosi – I have not met anyone who understands the anatomy of yoga better than Alex. He takes that knowledge and incorporates it into a class that will make your entire body feel connected and renewed. Alex can be found at Artemis Yoga and is also available for private instruction and reiki/energy work.

yoga teacher, boston yoga teachers, burning wheel yoga

Jordan Lashley – Jordan is in a class all by himself. Jordan’s classes are always evolving to fit the needs of the particular students in his class. He focuses on breathing, alignment and experiencing the full effect of the transition, not just the results. In Jordan’s class, expect him to say what the entire class is thinking but would never say out loud. He’s entertaining and insightful. Jordan teaches at H.Y.P. and at Burning Wheel Yoga School. Photo courtesy of Ellen Sargent Korsh.

yoga teacher, boston yoga teachers, pranavayu

David Magone – David makes yoga accessible to EVERY BODY! David taught me how to do headstands when I never thought it was possible. He is the Founder of PranaVayu, a unique style of yoga that focuses on a structured approach to sequencing poses and a Buddhist philosophy . You’ll walk out of his class feeling on top of the world. David teaches at Lifetime Athletic and also offers private instruction, workshops and teacher training.

Well, there you have it, my top yoga teacher picks. If you’ve attended classes with any of these amazing teachers let me know, and if there are others you love, please leave me a comment and let me know your personal favorites. Of course, if you enjoyed this post, please share it and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Photo courtesy of Jane Berger


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